New Smart Contract

Dear Racers,

We’re happy to inform our dear community that we will change our smart contract as early as today. Our current smart contract has a “MINT” function and we wanted to avoid the inevitable danger . By having a new smart contract, we have already remove the mint function, securing our tokens’ total supply and max supply. For those who have already bought, we will airdrop your $ORE to the same wallet address to avoid confusion. There is nothing for you to do during the process. We’ll be providing liquidity over the new $ORE contract address.

-Outrace Team-

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Here is a detailed information about Outrace Token economics


Symbol: ORE

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Team Token: 100,000,000 ORE (6 months cliff + 6 months vesting)

Foundation: Token: 50,000,000 ORE (6 months cliff + 12 months vesting)

Advisors/Partners: 120,000,000 ORE (3 months cliff + 4 months vesting)

Marketing: 80,000,000 ORE (6 months locked)

Rewards/AD/Bounty: 400,000,000 ORE (12 months vesting)

Liquidity: 20,000,000 ORE (2 years locked)

Sale: 230,000,000 ORE

SEED SALE: 50,000,000 ORE at $0.005 each (20% TGE + 4 months vesting)

PUBLIC SALE/IDO/LAUNCPADS: 180,000,000 ORE at $0.015 each (20% TGE and 80% in 4 months)

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained in this information should be construed as an investment advice. All investments involve risk of loss. This is not a financial advice. Due diligence is necessary.