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Farida Haque

Thanks for your concern and passion about getting people to realize what a catastrophe the homeless epidemic is!

It’s pathetic how so many cities across the world are only building luxury housing for the elite and offering very little for those who can’t afford such astronomical rents. Many newer buildings in NYC make affordable housing extremely competitive by offering a lottery system on who gets to move in to these places. Some buildings have poor doors as a separate entrance for those not lucky enough to be wealthy to afford all the extras for those who happen to be CEOs and executive corporate drones. The poorer people are excluded from indulging in the private rooftop gardens, yuppie gyms and yoga studios and other treats that the building management lures the rich folks into paying way too much for a small apartment or condo, but with a somewhat decent view of the skyline.

It’s a sick joke when a real estate afcionado works with marketing teams to transform former working class and middle class neighborhoods into urban gated communities for clueless consumers and trust fund zombies. The newbies moving into these shiny, generic, coldly-structured high rise monstrosities think they got it made by having a slice of prime real estate. Former tenants who were priced out of apartments buildings that have been bulldozed or gutted to be transformed into glittery yuppie breeding housing blocks are probably homeless now, didn’t commit any crime, but by fate are just another casualty of the soulless capitalist machine in bed with hyper-gentrification.

It’s both sad and terrifying seeing these luxury residential units sprout up all around NYC as well as reading about it in other cities across the globe.

It’s due time for the downtrodden to eat the rich before it’s too late…

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