Why Now?

The age old question asked to many a startup seeking funding. There must be a compelling answer here because timing is critical.

At Outset we ask “Why is now the time for real data on key pre-revenue metrics?” Startups have been around, well, forever. Why is now the time to really start to understand them at the earliest stage and make that data available to everyone?

For us it really comes down to our core belief that being an entrepreneur is the way of the future from a career perspective. It’s not exactly breaking news that the age of working for a corporation is gone, or that undergraduate degrees are no better than high school diplomas any longer or that education is painfully expensive and the payback period is mostly measured in decades.

The truth is that starting a company and building a product is far cheaper than going to school. Of course the risk is higher, and while still a long ways off we are starting to move to parity as we see so many people with expensive college degrees struggling to find a job or be paid anything substantial. This is why the time is now. This is why what we are doing is so important.

Entrepreneurship has always been the future. It’s how we progress from one reality to the next. At Outset we are facilitating new realities every day. Fundamentally we believe in everyone who has an idea, the crazier the better. We see the future of starting a business being less about art and more about science and we are at the forefront of the equation in all verticals.

So, “Why Now?” Because more and more people realize that their financial future lies in their own abilities to create unique value for their customers. Outset believes in every single one of those people and for the benefit of everyone we want to help them reach their maximum potential by providing the definitive roadmap, no matter what the industry.

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