3 Things River Falls and Hudson businesses can do for free, to boost marketing on Facebook!

There are many free marketing tools out there, but I want to list a top three general resources for you to improve your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Post content daily: Now this may seem like an obvious idea, but it’s the same as dieting really. Everyone sort of knows the true way to build a presence online, but many feel overwhelmed and stop at the creation of a business profile. You should make it a goal to post at least once daily. I see to many local business in the Hudson and River Falls area that lack a consistent message online. It is time consuming, but the rewards long term are big. Side-note: What is the point of having 1000 followers if they never see you on there page?
  2. Try to organically grow your fan base: Many businesses don’t understand how to grow their following organically. Usually that is because, they are not patient. I want to tell you, there is no such thing as a get popular quick scheme. Besides, who really wants that. If you make a post about sharing this page for a chance to win a million dollars. That may bring in a 1000 new likes, but are they quality likes? I would rather, talk about my new burger at my restaurant that is 100% organic, and let people with a passion for that share it. I get only 10 new likes, but there likes from actual loyal followers. Quality sometimes is better than quantity.
  3. My best secret is Facebook Groups: If you are active on Facebook and haven’t looked into this your crazy. Facebook has groups for all interests from; fitness, food, books, music, and everything else. So, lets say you own a gym. You want to find new potential customers on Facebook, but don’t know how? Well, search “River Falls Fitness” and see what comes up in groups under fitness. Try a few different keyword searches and see what you find? Find a few of interest and join the conversation. Remember don’t post to sell, post to add value to the group. You may tag your business at the end, but don’t get all “door salesman” on them. They will hate you for that. Facebook groups are free, but don’t take it for granted.
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