I want to sell to you, but I wont let you sell to me!

This is one of our worst problems in business sales and networking, but we do have good reason for it. Say you want to sell car insurance to a business. You try and contact them, and they are kind enough to schedule a meeting with you. This other business sells real estate. So, you meet and sell them a better car insurance. Great, but then a week later they call you about a house you mentioned you wished you could have. You ignore there call, and never reply. This is a very light version from what I’ve experienced. I just wanted to get my point across. People want the ability to create and start new businesses, but yet wont help someone else do the same! We need to open up to our neighbors and respect their profession. You never know if down the road we may need them, and probably will. People in business, particularly small business owners need to be more open. Believe me when I say, it’s 10 times more beneficial for them if they open up there doors to cooperation with other businesses. Saying this is meant to get business owners to think a little, if you want others to take time out of there day for you. You must make time for them!



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