“River Falls, falls short in social media!”

Hey everyone, its Justin here, your local freelance marketer of River Falls and Hudson, WI. First I want to say, I in know way intend to offend any business or there integrity to improve there business through marketing. I also will not name any business under any circumstances that I have researched. The statistics were picked at random from 10–15 restaurants and retailers in River Falls.
Now to the interesting stuff! When looking at Social Media there are many challenges a small business owner must face. The challenge between a great social media page and running their daily business is one of them. Below are the statistics I discovered in my research of locally owned businesses in River Falls, and there consistency on social media (AKA Facebook).
1. First, I looked at the amount of posts being made starting at the beginning of 2016. I found that only 19.4 posts on average were being made per business since this year started! That is only .22 (less than 1 post per day) posts per day! I dug a little deeper and looked into the last month (March) and wanted to see if numbers improved? River Falls has come in at .22 again. So, there has been no change either way. Lastly just for fun I looked into the average posts for the last week (March 19th-26th) and found businesses on average have only made about 2.3 posts in the last week of this article. I understand that businesses are very busy, but I must stress social media’s importance these days.
2. I also wanted to look into the quality of the posts being made in River Falls, for the year 2016. There have been on average 17.6 posts with a picture or video attached of the businesses researched. That means 2.2 posts on average per business have gone with plain text posts. That is a plus that businesses understand that plain text posts are usually lower quality posts. Unless its a quote, I would recommend not making your post completely informative.
3. The last and more important statistic measured was engagement. This is the ultimate measure of how well your posts are being received. It can depend on time of day, picture or video, long or short text, and many other factors. So, remember there were an average of 6.8 posts per month, per business. I found that only 5.6 (28%) posts per month, per business, were actually receiving engagement. Some had a decent amount of engagement, but many were between 1–5 likes per post, and possibly had a comment.

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