Why research your creative marketing?

Today our topic is researching your creative side. Now whether you’ve hired someone to do your creative marketing or your doing it yourself. It is important to research your audience. Lets say you created the most beautiful logo in the world for your start-up. If I ask you why you chose this logo, it’s colors, and fonts, and you cant answer why? Then you need to do some serious research or hire a professional. It is not acceptable to just make pretty logo’s these days without understanding the psychology.

Next we will take a look at an example below to dissect.

SpendOn “The local River Falls, and Hudson shopping app.”

Now lets play up a scenario. Your my boss and you asked me to create a logo for your local shopping app. I create this logo above with the name. You say, “That looks like a great logo, but why did you chose the color, font, and shape?”. Now did you consider the font, color, and shape when looking at this immediately? That’s okay, I will explain them to you below.

Name: The name SpendOn definitely makes sense. It’s positive, describes an action, and we want people to spend on.

Font: The font is a retro-script font and it has a positive energetic feel to it. It also goes along with many top retail brands in malls today.

Color: Purple does a great job and by definition it represent extravagance, luxury, power, wealth, and ambition. That is something I would want to be associated with my shopping app.

Shape: Circle helps give a feel of a sense of balance and tranquility. It has no corners or edges. It just smoothly rounds everything out in a nice way.

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