The Wall

The world today is mess. The origin and nature of the mess is an even bigger mess. Our world is not only a mess it’s self but it creates people that are a mess. How can we be expected to clean up a mess if we ourselves are a mess? Furthermore, how can we be expected to do anything about a mess we are oblivious to? I intend to explore the nature of this mess, its origin and what we can do about it.

First lets examine this mess of a world so we can explore its impact later. Wages are almost unmoved yet prices continuously rise. Public funding is being cut and things are being privatized in order to lower the taxes everyone is now struggling to pay. Job security is on very shaky ground for most people and shows no signs of improving. Wars are constantly waged on tax dollars while corporations profit from them. The third world is continuously exploited by corporations and faces the threat of war at any hint of reforms to benefit the people. On top of it all the planet is being sucked dry and poisoned and there is no significant effort to stop it. This is the norm of the world today and the real problem is no one seems to care.

So why when faced with this reality does no one seem to care? I am going to borrow imagery from Pink Floyd’s The Wall here. Every day of our lives we are being trained not to care. Better yet we are trained to believe it is good. We are trained to believe it couldn’t be changed even if we tried. We are trained to believe we have reached the end of history. We spend our lives building a metaphorical wall in our minds which prevent us from seeing reality as it truly is. As a child our parents who have already built a wall, unknowingly start training us to build our wall. The books we read, the shows we watch, the songs we hear are all just one more brick in the wall. Then we go to school and the real work begins. Young minds ready to soak up every bit of state approved propaganda and to learn how to build the wall.

Now that our wall is good and built we need to figure out why we built the wall in the first place. Wall building serves many purposes but one main reason is to unconditionally agree with the accepted national propaganda. Once we are no longer asking questions we have become good little recruits and we are ready to hit the front lines. In this case the front line is the workplace. Our entire lives helped condition us into well-behaved animals. We show up to work on time and for roughly 8 hours we must obey every barked command by our master who in this case is called our boss. No one ever questions how reasonable any of this is because we are all blinded by our wall.

Work consumes us and most people can’t stand it. Many of us are forced into work we hate and work long hours in order to survive. Most people have no input in their work life which consumes a massive part off their life. The thought of adding any input or changing anything doesn’t even enter into our minds. We believe this is how it has always been and how it will always be. Just the sight of others trying to change anything angers us. We cannot comprehend any attempt to upset the status quo set up by our masters. Our wall has been built and we are comfortable behind it.

Now comes the political world. Elections all happen inside the wall despite what most people believe. It is generally known that it is only acceptable to discuss politics with friends and family and only during elections. Politics which greatly affects the workplace is something people frown upon discussing at work. The biggest trick of all is that because people only pay attention during elections the truth is hidden from sight. The democracy we all worship is a farce. In reality most parties just pick up where the other left of. The only change happens right before the election, during the election and briefly after. The change is also cosmetic things that don’t make any real change to improve peoples standard of living.

So we now have a mess and we have built our walls but we still need to find out where the mess came from and all the little details of the mess. In future posts I will be exploring the details and origins of the mess, and the nature of wall building. I will attempt to cover all the tactics used to keep us behind our walls. Hopefully this can help us tear our wall down and clean up the mess. I will use the track listing from The Wall as inspiration in order to do this.

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