Know Your Undies

Here at Ova Woman, we often get questions about our absorbent underwear. Below are some answers to your frequently asked questions — just a little Undies 101 for those of you interested in using absorbent underwear!

How Much Fluid Can Dear Kate Undies Hold?

We carry full lining underwear by Dear Kate. These undies hold up to 3 tsp. We recommend using these undies to keep you confident and comfortable. They provide the best protection for:

  • Mild incontinence — great for ladies who pee a little when they are active, when they sneeze, or when they laugh
  • Discharge
  • Backup on your heavy to medium flow days
  • Spotting

These undies are stain releasing so you never have to worry about hand washing.

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Caring for Your Undies

Washing your Dear Kate undies is easy. Simply machine wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. If you do dry them in a clothes dryer, do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener.

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Ova Trial Reviews

“Typically, I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending so much on underwear. However, now that I have tried them and I know how much I love them, I absolutely would buy them despite the cost. I used them while I had my period and they took away my lingering worries about leaks and excess moisture. I even went out out of my way to wash them, so that I could continue to wear them through most of my cycle. “ — Corilyn, Artist

“I tried the undies the afternoon I received them. And have since washed and worn them twice more this week! I really like them. They are comfortable, have a nice cut along the legs and hips and seem super breathable.” — Lucy, Family Counselor

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Who Makes the Undies?

We are honored to carry Dear Kate undies. Dear Kate was founded by the powerhouse Julie Sygiel. Learn more about Julie and Dear Kate here.

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