The Perfect Period Primer

Elise Maxwell, Ova Woman Founder, Reading “Cycling” by Laura Szumowski

Our bodies can sometimes feel mysterious. Why is my period really heavy one month and then light the next? Why has my hair thinned so much in my late 20s? Why do I all of a sudden have dark thick hairs growing from my dang chin? Ova Woman is on a mission to find books and resources that help demystify the changes that can happen to our bodies as we age.

Menstruation can feel quite mysterious especially during the first few cycles. Cycling by Laura Szumowski is the perfect period primer. This compact guide not only clarifies misconceptions, but also shares helpful tips for navigating different menstrual products and home remedies. Szumowski mixes playful illustrations with informative information to create an approachable overview of ovulation, hormones, period irregularities, period products and much more.

This is a handy resource for women of all ages. The Chicago Women’s Health Center described this book as a “must read for all those who menstruate or know of someone who does.” We can’t agree more. You can purchase a copy of this bookfrom the lovely ladies at Party In My Pants for $12.95.*

*Ova is not receiving any sort of payment from this post. We just really love this book and want women to know about it.

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