What is WORK at Over Darwen House?

Wondering what’s happening at the old Co-op bank in Darwen? Well here’s the story…

The Livesey Foundation (An amazing charity set up by a former Darwen resident) purchased the building with the ambitious goal of using it to support business growth and create jobs. Basically, they wanted to spread success and give back — lovely people aren’t they?! (but what else would you expect from Darreners!)

Months of planning, research and fundraising have resulted in the old Co-op bank beginning its transformation into WORK — a modern, creative and flexible workspace that will inspire and generate success in all its forms. This is more than just a building, it’s a community of positive, generous and ambitious individuals coming together to help each other succeed. We have big plans to support freelancers, startups, small businesses and community champions. If you have an ambition then we are here to help.

Who are we? We’re you. 
We’re business owners, we’re volunteers, we’re employees. We’re grafters that love to make things happen. Ultimately, we’re people that care. So the question is will you be joining us? And what will you achieve at WORK?

Please contact us to find out more: work@overdarwenhouse.co.uk — We look forward to hearing from you!