PTSD Mind Control [How You’re Brainwashed]

Can I ask you something?

Are you being mind controlled?


You don’t think you are?

Oh… jeeze… I’m so sorry…

I really didn’t want to be THIS person but….


Yur being mind controlled…

Hard core mind controlled.

Don’t believe me?

Listen to this.

Have you ever wondered how you can hate yourself?

Why you have all these negative thoughts, and you just can’t seem to get them out of your head?

How come we have so many thoughts that hurt us?

The answer is simple!


Most of the negative thoughts in your head are other people’s thoughts manifesting in your mind.

Go read that line again and let it soak into your mind… #MindControlinProgress

Those thoughts are not your thoughts.

They were given to you.

Actually, it’s more likely that they were forced on you.

And, now they have complete control over you.

The worst part is that we don’t even realize that this is happening.

We don’t realize that we take on the thoughts of the people around us.

This is why the abused can turn into the abuser.

We take on the same thoughts, the same pain, and pass it on.

We never become aware of the thoughts, and we never stop them.


Let me ask you again.

Are you being mind controlled?

Do you want to break free of it?

If so, click here to get started.

See you on the other side…

- Kayleen