Friday 18th November 2016

I woke to a perfect English November day, the sky wearing a heavy grey overcoat, puddles and drizzle, the sound of rubber displacing the water on the road and head and tail lights peering through the gloom taking the nine to fivers to their workstations. I was thinking that these people tied up in the internal politics of their workplace, the day to day mush of living within the illusion stand little chance of ever waking up to what is really happening in our world today. It’s not their fault they are merely following a life procedure taught to them in their schooling process, by parents, governments and history books.

So life’s about getting good grades to get a good job to provide a roof, heat, food, car so you can be comfortable in the process of renting your space here on this planet. It’s getting very close to the time where all of this is going to be questioned by even the most entrenched people who believe in this system.

I can’t knock those people, I did it for thirty years, big house, cars, six figure salary, but there was something that I was shown way back in 1965, something that had planted a seed that grew to make it impossible for me to ignore. I managed to escape when I discovered after so many years that my life had no substance and large amounts of money, material wealth was not nourishing my soul.

I kicked back an watched the traffic build up at the lights and studied the look on the commuters faces, one I found so familiar, I’d seen it for so many years when I saw my face in the shaving mirror each morning. Fatigued, lines of facial stress with a sign of bemused acceptance but deep in the subconscious was a knowing that this wasn’t ‘it’. It saddened me that these people might never wake up content in their disillusion and would be horrified if they ever knew the truth. I said a little prayer.