Overtime’s Social Login and Easy Deposits

Overtime Markets
4 min readJan 9, 2024

First big step towards a full Account Abstraction

Why use a Web2 sportsbook? It restricts your funds, denies payouts, bans successful accounts, and becomes completely non-functional across borders. Why settle for these limitations when a Web3 Superdapp like Overtime offers:

  • Universal accessibility for anyone with just an internet connection
  • Complete permissionlessness
  • Liquid and on-par offering
  • Security through non-custodial transparent collateralization architecture
  • WIDE OPEN, transparent market making books on the Ethereum Network for everyone to vet!
  • Seamless onboarding with a simple Social Login and a user-friendly Deposit/Withdrawal mechanism and a Credit Card on-ramp!

Overtime is proud to announce a successful integration with Particle Network to enable a vastly enhanced User Experience, effectively evolving from a platform accessible primarily to Defi-native users to now welcoming a broader audience from the Web2 sphere.

Overtime users are no longer required to connect to Overtime via their installed wallets but can now create and use accounts from within the dapp itself! This integration enables effortless onboarding and trading experience, allowing users to use any familiar Social Login method (Google, Twitter, Discord, Github, Apple, etc.) and a streamlined Deposit or Credit Card process.

By also enabling the onramp aggregator Onramper in the Overtimes Deposit page, users are also able to deposit into their Overtime accounts directly from their Credit Cards in one single flow! Onramper automatically finds the onramp best suitable for your needs, effectively removing a lot of onboarding complexity for the everyday user.

Additionally, your newly created Overtime account will be easily accessible across any device through the same social login, ensuring a seamless and intuitive mobile experience as well.

“But where is my newly created account hosted then”, you ask?

This is where the Particle Network comes into play.

Particle network uses The Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), a cryptographic primitive for distributed key generation and signing. With this primitive, the traditional private key mechanics are replaced by two independently-created mathematical secret shares, one held by your social account and the other held fully encrypted on the Particle side, thus eliminating the single point of failure. With Particle Network, only the user-held half can execute operations and by owning only one of these halves is unable to gain control of the full key. Additionally, these key shares are continuously modified without modifying the key itself via Particles Key shares refreshes. It is computationally efficient off-chain and can be performed very frequently, thus forcing the potential attacker to compromise both parties at virtually the same time in order to obtain the key material.

No one, except the user themself, has full control over operations. Accounts are always recoverable with the social login. With replacing the traditional private key with two independently-created mathematical secret shares held at separate, segregated parties, there is no single point of failure.

Overtime managed to significantly improve the User Experience while maintaining the full non-custodial nature. Even with the Social Logins, users are the only ones with full control of their deposited funds at all times.

The Private Key of your newly generated wallet is split in two parts which are stored on two separate, segregated parties. One is stored within your Social Login account and the other on the Particle side by using TSS off-chain cryptography. Each individual share does not reveal anything about the key material. No one, except the Social Login account, has full control over operations and there is no single point of failure. Additionally, your key is always recoverable for you at all times with your Social account.

First step towards a complete Account Abstraction

The goal of Account Abstraction efforts is to enable users an experience similar to that of Web2 applications without making any centralization or custody tradeoffs. This is done through the use of features enabled by the new ERC-4337 standard. By using Account Abstraction, the users would not have to worry about gas fees or any manual transaction signing, while preserving the ethos of the ecosystem of a no single point of failure and censorship resistance.

Due to large gas consumptions of ERC-4337 implementations, there are still some architecture optimizations required to be executed on the network level (EIP-4844) as well as the Thales Protocol level, before this planned one-click experience is feasible to be fully enabled on Overtime. The full account abstraction implementation is code-complete and is on hold for deployment until the gas environment improves in the upcoming months. Overtime’s goal is to enable all users, big and small, to have a feasible gas cost when executing trades so it does not impact their user experience in any significant way. With this Particle integration for easy onboarding, Overtime will keep the same low gas cost of transactions while also “preparing the field” for a full Account Abstraction experience that would make it the world’s leading Sports Markets superdapp! In the future, this will enable one-click UX when opening trades and paying gas in any supported ERC-20 token deposited in the Overtime account.

How do I try it out?

Now is the time to head over to the Overtime dapp and use the Sign Up button to start your new significantly improved Overtime experience!

Simple as that!