CIO Principle: Cut It Once

Ovi Crisan
Mar 6 · 1 min read

IT in general and software development in particular has a few healthy principles, like KISS, DRY, YAGNI or SOLID. People understand immediately these acronyms, which distill a lot of experiences and good practices.

I’m proposing a new one: CIO principle — “Cut It Once”. Does it need more explanations?

Software development borrowed some terms from other well established industries, like construction (“architecture”, “blueprint”, “build”, etc.), so why not tailoring? For instance, “custom”, “alter”, and why not “cut”? It’s just another way to say “think before you act” or “plan it better”, because usually once something is cut it can’t be put back.

The focus here is on “once”, not necessarily on “cut”, meaning that you can analyze, measure or design as much as you want / need to, but when you act do it decisively.

And who is in a better position to measure and cut than CIO?

Ovi Crisan

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Cloud Architect + DevOps + Microservices