Introducing the Oview team: Oton Pancer

Hi people!

I did an Internship at Oview for three months. I arrived in Amsterdam in September and stayed working for Oview until the end of December. At the beginning I was living in Den Haag for a few weeks and travelled 1 hour and 20 minutes one way every day. After a few weeks my co-worker Diego offered me to move to his place in Amsterdan. That made a big difference. Now I could focus more on my internship and hang out more with the beautiful people that used to work for Oview. Diego helped me a lot in the beginning and I appreciated it very much!

I worked as an Legal assistant because of my background in Law and it was great. It helped me to improve my English and taught me how to deal with certain situations. At the time the company’s focus was on founding a new legal entity, so that was my main task. Beside that I used to draft contracts, deal with partnerships etc.

My co-workers were more than cool. We had a really good relationship and we did fun things all the time. Every weekend we would go out and spend some quality time together. I learned a lot about other cultures and traditions, which helped me grow a lot. We stayed in touch even after the internship and I hope that it will stay in that way.

And hey! Next weekend Michelle, a guy from Italy who was working with me, is coming to visit me in my place in Birmingham. Isn’t that cool? :)

I loved my experience at Oview and I recommend it to everyone!

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