Introducing the Oview Team: Ugur Cetinkaya

My experience counts


I’m a Padawan at Oview and in this text I will write about my experience in Oview. Oview is a company that’s based in Amsterdam which is trying to create a better society. It helps making the world a better place though on the one hand a revolutionary mobile application and on the other hand a friendly approach towards World’s community. At least that is what I have understood during my internship. I am 100% sure that you have never met people like those who work at Oview. Another thing you won’t believe is that this company doesn’t have a boss.

Let me tell you my story. I will tell you the story throughout three sections, which are, as you can guess, “the beginning”, “the process”, “the end”. Let’s start!

I came here on August 16. I was really excited. Before I left Turkey I had a good conversation with the Talent manager of Oview (we don’t like to use the term Human Resources, as people are not resources). She explained me everything about Amsterdam and Oview. I prepared and took the step into the great wide open. I got to Oview as a content developer. I was responsible for creating questions for our app.

I searched for worldwide news and looked what issues were hot. In order to measure peoples’ opinions about these issues I created unbiased yes-or-no questions and supplied them with news articles from many different sources. These questions would be edited by the question moderators and ta daa!, the questions were ready and the answers were clear. This app truly makes your opinion count.

For a while the process of content creation got put on hold. During this period I shifted through other departments such as community development, marketing development, campaign processing etc. I got to learn how to use many different operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and Linux Mint, as I was struggling to find a compatible OS which made me feel more comfortable than Windows. In the end a brilliant computer engineer of Oview helped me to achieve it. I learned how to use social media and how to communicate with people who have the same vision and goals as I do. Besides all that I have helped creating a new vision for democracy, which is a digital democracy.

I feel that in this modern democracy we are spreading our thoughts and opinions on social media, but somehow we can’t seem to gather all our opinions and create a public power in order to influence the leaders of our countries. For this we need a platform. We need clear answers to our questions and aggregated data that shows us the opinion of all of the people. And Oview is building this platform. Also I need to add that this is a very decent approach in the history of theories of democracy.

Eventually we’ve come to section three. I want to say that Oview has taught me a lot of things about the world we live in, the system in which we struggle to reach our goals, and how we can improve the community we live in. It has been one of the best experiences in my life since 23 years. Lastly, your opinion counts!

Uğur Ç.

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