The Secret Life of a Money Maker

Some people choose money as a career

It’s becoming trendy to make money, to be a stock broker or work for a bank. It’s a generation thing. While some of us go plant flowers and do yoga, others play with money on stock markets. It’s mostly men who seem to be attracted by themselves in a suit. Some people drink Yogi Tea, others sniff cocaine. It’s a matter of lifestyle.

And they just disappear…

The difference is that betting on stock markets makes much, much more money. People who make a lot of money seem to disappear into a secret system. They become invisible. They drive in medium-sized, slick, silent cars. They wear a suit. They live in expensive places where nobody goes. They get to their offices early in the morning so that nobody sees them coming. Some live alone. Others are married and have kids. During a break they will drop of their kids at daycare. You might even be sitting across them at the table, smiling and chatting about daily life, and you suddenly realize you’re talking about stock markets.

But you don’t even really notice. You don’t notice because there is nothing to notice. They have combed hair, wear brown pointy shoes and sometimes wear glasses. They have neatly shaved, shiny faces, as the sun reflects on their pale skin and light shirts. You don’t really see them. Your mind won’t register them. You can’t make a memory file of them because they blends in with the background. In fact, they cannot be seen. They are blind to the naked eye. Blue trousers accentuate their orangely tanned skin. They blend in with the grey streets they walk on and the concrete compartment blocks they live in. They’re part of a general color that you sometimes see flashing past a lawn or a tree. Their cars are medium-sized and expensive. BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Rolls Royce. They drive so smooth that you don’t hear them passing by. And if you could see them, you wouldn’t hear them. They’re barely even with us.

And this is where the money in the world goes. Into a system of boys playing with money and keeping a lot of it for themselves. It’s going into a system that exists to support itself. A system that you cannot get to know unless you become part of it. A system full of jobs that shouldn’t have to exist. A system in which money circulates, but only seems to circulate in order to finance itself. Money disappears into it, but never comes out. What’s happening to our money?!

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