GQ interview, Alastair Campbell, and a jacket

I can’t believe I’m writing a response to a “debate” about a jacket I wore. A few months ago, GQ asked me to do an interview with ex-New Labour spinmeister Alastair Campbell. I’m pretty up for chatting to people with wildly different opinions (here’s a plug for my YouTube channel!) and Campbell has interviewed lots of people, including Nicola Sturgeon. I nonetheless hesitated because there’s a small but very noisy and very obsessive group on the left who believe I’m either en route to becoming (or have already become) an arch-Blairite careerist right-wing semi-Tory lackey, and they see everything I do through that prism. But why live your life according to the rules of unreasonable strangers?

The interview isn’t so much an interview as an edited version of an argument sprinkled with a lot of bickering. (Edited down by Campbell it reads pretty bizarrely but hey, I gave long protracted answers and he wanted short and snappy, which is what it became). I kind of enjoyed it, not going to lie. At one point I compared him to Piers Morgan which was a bit harsh.

Here’s a snippet to give you the flavour:

Given I don’t buy GQ and have never read one of Campbell’s interviews, I didn’t know what they entailed but presumed it would involve being photographed. It turns out they wanted to wear some clothes they’d provided, which I had a bit of a mard about, but didn’t really want to be a diva so cooperated. As anyone who has ever seen me on TV can testify, clothes aren’t really a priority. GQ itself once described me as the 9th worst dressed man in Britain, just below Chris Evans (harsh).

Anyway, it turns out the jacket they got me to wear was worth £1,080. Yeah, see what you did there, GQ. Very funny. Predictably far-right twitter got whipped into a frenzy. So here’s the story behind the scandal. Fascinating isn’t it.