Where to go for sushi in Dubai

If there’s one taste in particular I’ve acquired from living the good life abroad for so long, it’s that of sushi.
Since my brief stint running the marketing and PR for Hurghada’s Little Buddha Bar around the start of the decade the privilege of having a sushi breakfast delivered to my desk each morning was fully utilised. So much so, the right was removed after the financial controller caught a whiff of my appetite for the raw stuff.
I don’t like all sushi mind you, I can’t stand raw salmon — and let’s face it that’s quite a major pawn in the sushi game (if you’ll excuse the pun) — and other sashimi-type shiz, just give me that rice-wrapped stuff any day.
Anyways for those of you heading to Dubai, stop off in the Dubai Marina at Pier 7 to hit up the Asia Asia Restaurant there. It’s gained a reputation as one of the finest sushi spots in the city and it’s easy to see why. Amazing food and great service with smiles makes this sushi Dubai’s bestest by far.

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