Roam the Old Street of Jiufen and Northeast Coastline of Taiwan

Photo Credit by 傑克 生 flickr

Many tourists come to Taiwan to to see the amazing scenery of Taroko Gorge or the astonishing Taipei 101. Another popular tourist destination is the northest coast of Taiwan, and Jiufen is one of the hottest attractions located in the area.

Photo Credit by 攝影家9號 — Photographer №9 flickr

Jiufen, Taiwan used to be a secluded small mining town with few residents, and the unique atmosphere had brought inspiration for films like A City of Sadness and Ghibli’s Spirited Away animation, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Photo Credit by Jewel Tseng flickr

Don’t forget to also pay a visit Nanya Rock Formations for the amazing sea-eroded coral shore, and the Yinyang Sea to see the amazing coastline scenery.

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