See All of the Culture and Sightseeing Attraction Along the North Coast of Taiwan

Photo Credit by 林 耀民 flickr

What is the most iconic tourist destination in the north coast of Taiwan? Most Taiwanese would probably tell you Jiufen, a small old mining town in the hills along the coast. The unique streets and atmosphere makes it a great theme for movies, even animations use its environment as inspiration.

Photo Credit by chameleon302114 flickr

During their visits, the locals will drive along the beautiful coast line and also stop by other spots like Shifen, Pingxi, or Yehliu Geopark. Shifen is known for its alluring waterfall, Pingxi is popular for its unique sky lantern culture, and many tourists go to Yehliu Geopark for the amazing view of the ocean and the rock formation.

Photo Credit by 阿嵐 flickr

If you hire a driving guide, he will drive you to see the attractions on the north coast and explain the history and culture of the area. Waste less time on looking for directions and spend more time on having a great time in Taiwan!

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