5 Reasons Why Foreign Girls are Superior to American Girls

If you’re dissatisfied with American girls, you need to read this blog post. I’ve just finished a pint of Haagen-Daaz Coffee ice cream and that means one thing: I’m going to tell you the truth.

(And I’m going to type fast. Special thanks to the typing class in high school and community college. Learning to type, and then learning to type fast, is a skill that pays off big-time when your thoughts come out like a volcano.)

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5 Reasons Why Foreign Girls Are Superior to American Girls

Please note: If you’re an American girl reading this, please adapt the characteristics of a foreign girl so you can become a more attractive person.

Ekaterina, beautiful style, classic outfit
  1. Foreign girls are more feminine
    Typically, they have longer hair, wear makeup, aren’t loud or aggressive, and don’t have tattoos. As a bonus, they dress like women used to dress — in dresses, or fitted pants. The women that I’ve dated from other countries dress like women. It’s refreshing. They often wear classic outfits, high quality materials, that they’ve owned for years.
Erika and me

2. Foreign girls are usually smarter
The ones that I’ve met and dated can usually speak 2–3 languages, have a university degree that’s not worthless (aka “gender studies” — what type of bullshit is this?), are well-read, and aren’t addicted to reality TV shows or worthless gossip about celebrities.

Hanging out with foreign girls is a lot more fun because they have knowlege about things, so they have something to contribute to the conversation. This means they are less likely to be insecure. Women who are insecure are usually argumentative, because they’re trying to fill a deficit. However, they lack the discipline to fill it with knowlege, so they lash out at the slowest moving targets around them — typically simps and beta-males, who they hate but tolerate for the purposes of amusement and attention.

The beauty from the Czech Republic

3. Foreign girls are less likely to be gold-diggers
I remember meeting a beautiful girl from the Czech Republic. She was strikingly beautiful, with blue-green eyes, a great smile, and a cute laugh.

Unlike the American girls I meet, her first questions wasn’t: “Where do you live?” (Code for “How much money do you earn?” Because if you live in certain, specific areas of New York City, that usually means you earn big money and have a high credit score.)

When I brought her over to my 7'x10' (seven foot x ten foot) room (connected to a 2-bedroom apartment that I shared with a young Dominican couple) in a forgotten area of Brooklyn, a patch of the map between Bushwick and Broadway Junction, she smiled and joked: “This room is so big.”

This girl was so cool. She was fun, easy-going, had a great sense of humor, and wasn’t demanding. She was unassuming. During the time we hung out, she was living in upstate New York, and she would take the train into NYC and visit me on the weekends. I’d plan out fun, usually-free activities to do throughout the day and evening. We had a lot of fun together.

Stephanie, a very smart, very fun girl

4. Foreign girls have passions/hobbies
Last year, I met a girl who was born in China and grew up in France. Her passion was traveling and, although she was in her early twenties, she had travelled to 7 different countries. Her other passion was education. She had recently received her Masters Degree and was offered a position as a Vice President at a University in Myanmarr.

Someone who has a passion is a pleasure to hang around, because they are already happy because they know what their passion is and they are pursuing it. Girls without a passion are like

(To all girls reading this: You want to attract a guy? Be unassuming. Don’t make assumptions about men. Lose the demands. Expectations are premeditated resenments. And resentments are the weeds that choke the flowers in the garden of love. Did I just type that? Oh man … LOL.)

5. Foreign girls are less likely to be cell phone addicts
Probably one of my favorite things about my recent experiences hanging out with foreign girls has been this: When they are with me, they are not on their cell phones. They are looking at me. This feels nice. This feels good. This feels normal. Because, it is normal.

One of the girls I dated, and it was recent, owned a flip phone. It was great because she only used it for phone calls and the very-rare text. She dodged social media, except for Facebook, which she did not have on her flip phone.

But American girls are addicted to staring at their cell phones
Do you think money’s gonna pop out of the screen?

Look at you! All you American girls … staring at your cell phone. Scrolling through that Facebook page. Glued to your SnapChat. Adjusting the filters on that Instagram picture you just took, with your oh-so-clever “duck-face” pose that thousands of other girls are doing at this same exact moment in time, that you will upload to Instagram then check every minute to see how many “likes” you can stack up.


You are WASTING your time. That sh*t is not going to improve your confidence level. You’re stuck on this social media treadmill along with millions of other well-intentioned-but-misled women. The guys liking that picture on Facebook or Instagram are feeding your ego but your ego is a false architecture, a thin veneer, buttressed by toothpicks.

Turn off your phone. If you need to leave it on, well, I understand. But at least turn off your notifications for Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Messenger, Twitter. Turn it off.

You can’t?

You’ve become too addicted to the buzzes and the chime (of the bell-sound notification). It’s a trick. And you’re the mark (the target, the shill, the person who’s time is being pickpocketed).

Attention is the most precious commodity
In this day and age, attention is the most precious commodity. But attention from Facebook and Instagram is false attention. You think it means something, but it means nothing. Social media is the perfect drug for attention-starved American women. And “likes” are attention crack, like getting bump from a faceless stranger, in the bathroom, at “House of Maybe”.

What are the benefits of adopting this list?
Attracting a man.

A man.

A man is someone who moves through life without apology.

A man knows what he wants, then goes for what he wants.

A man has a passion, something that lights his fire.

A man does not need you, a girl/woman to complete him. At the same time, if he likes you, and if you qualify for his time & attention, he will choose you because you complement him/his life/his life’s pursuits.

A man has roots that go deep into the moral convictions of his soul.

Oak tree

A man is unlikely to be swayed by passing fads or chance circumstances. Like an oak tree, he stands firm in his convictions. When the howling winds challenge his position, he remains standing, knowing that the winds serve to test his strength and that after the storm, he will be that much stronger.

A man wants a real woman (with man) to complement his life and to accompany him on his journey.

Become a real woman, and you will attract a real man.

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