Action eliminates Fear

Illustration from my first novel, the rails. The Rails tells the story of The Watchers, a race of human-like creatures that live hundreds of feet below the New York City subway system. In order to preserve the integrity of their race, they are forbidden from contacting the human world. When one such watcher sees a human in a crisis situation, and intervenes to help her, he sets into motion a chain of events that will change his life forever.

Action eliminates fear.

Take action.

Keep moving.

Action eliminates fear.

Eventually, you will find a solution, a workaround, a way-to-deal with the situation/person/place/thing you fear.

Taking action shakes the cobwebs from the corners of your mind and enables you to see possibilities that were once hidden.

Grab these possibilities and run with them.

Doors will open. People will contact you. Scenarios will unfold rise to life like a pop-up book that you’re experiencing in real time.

Every city has it’s secrets. Event New York City. Hundreds of feet below the NYC subway system, they exist. The watchers.

Action eliminates fear.

If you are fearful of something, take action.

This movement does not demand you to move toward your fear, although you can if you want. This movement will precipitate a way to ameliorate your fear.

Taking action enables you to rise above the noise and chaos.

Taking action enables you to see people/things/situations for what they really are — inconsequential, in the big picture — from a bird’s eye view.

Action eliminates fear.

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For the last century, reports have been trickling in from the workers in the New York City subway system. Sightings of thin, pale creatures running at tremendous speeds in the NYC subway tunnels, then disappearing out of view. Because the reports have been unsubstantiated, Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officials have kept the lid on them, dismissing them as hallucination. These stories, shared quietly among subway workers, were regarded as urban legend. Until now. Discover the truth about the secret history of the New York City subway system, uncovered, for the first time, in the rails.