Breakfast in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York — December 4, 2016

Saturday Night Party in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York
 I was invited to a party last night in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Prospect Heights is an area of Brooklyn that borders the north end of Prospect Park.

Brooklyn Party
 Although I did not know a lot of people at the party, I stepped into my circle of power of not-caring and being the life-of-the-party and was rewarded with a good time, meeting a lot of people, having fun.

Riding the Manhattan-bound Q train
 After the party, I was walking to the train station and found these 2, 5-feet tall paper lanterns. I think they’re Ikea and appear to be their lamps that cost about $60 each. Sweet. They just need bulbs. I will order on

Here’s a video of some of the ride on the Manhattan-bound Q train …

Breakfast in Brooklyn
 So, today, I slept in and woke up late. I searched the fridge for food and found a can of olives … oh, yes, exciting and delicious, and some salami slices that Bernd Naber dumpster dived. This was going to be a delicious breakfast.

While eating the delicious olives and salami, I heard Bernd Naber, my loft mate, talking in the living room. The living room of the loft is unfurnished and has high ceilings and a cement floor, so it’s a bit of an echo chamber. Bernd’s voice was echoing, his German accent clanging like a bell of curiosity, like a song that starts out annoying but ends up being the song that brings a smile to your face.

I opened the door and he invites me to brunch. It’s free, he says. A friend in Williamsburg. Happily, I accept.

Bernd Naber rides a bicycle
 Then, Bernd Naber shows me how he fixed the bicycle that he found on the street. He attached a seat to it. He rides it around the loft.

 Ten minutes later, he’s still walking around in the living room, talking on the phone, and I hear him ask: “Can I invite my friend?” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Tomorrow, I will be posting part 2 of this video, which includes a video of me riding in Bernd Naber’s classic car, the art party brunch, with videos, and photos.