How to Get People to Like You

Depanneur coffeehouse. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s one way to get people to like you.

It’s not to beg, plead, cajole, convince, or persuade them.

One way to get people to like you is this: Work on yourself.

Develop a skill. Become good at something.

The Wiggle Crew. Nico, Benjamin, Geraldine, Kris. You can listen to some songs here.

Assemble friends to put together a music video for a song you wrote. Then, upload the video to YouTube. :)

Learn comedy.

Learn coding.

Learn how to find, buy, and flip properties — land, houses, mobile homes — in Florida or anywhere else in the United States, for fun and profit. I did. You can, too.

Become a good listener.

Learn how to speak Japanese.

Be the life of the party by always-knowing-where-the-best-parties-are-happening.

Get good at something.

Demonstrate value.

The beautiful carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Brooklyn, New York.

Once you demonstrate value to people, they will like you. Because people want something. And they come to you because you give that “something” to them. Often, that “something” is the “feeling” that being around you gives them.

Once you demonstrate value to someone, you will find that you will attract them.

Attract. Don’t chase.

You attract by … demonstrating value.

So, how do you get people to like you?

Demonstrate value.

The more value you have to other people, the more they will like you. And yes, a part of that is because they want something from you. But, for the most part, everyone wants something from everyone, and that’s just the way life is. So, get used to it.

Attract. Don’t chase.

Demonstrate value.

Sunset, as seen from the 5th floor rooftop of a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York loft. Views of the East River and Manhattan. For more pictures, videos, articles, click here.