No One Cares About Nice — What You Can Do Instead That Will Make You More Attractive to Others

Be nice. It’s something you’ve been told by so many people.

When it comes to relationships and dating, why is it that the people with awful advice are the first ones to offer you advice?

how to be an alpha male

Typical advice: “Be nice. If she doesn’t see how nice you are and appreciate it, then she is not worth being around.”

But being nice gets you nowhere. Being nice only makes you look weak, like you have nothing to offer.

Nice guys = weak guys. The perception is that nice guys are weak. In reality, nice guys may be strong. However, perception is other people’s reality, so whether nice guys are strong-or-not is a moot point. Nice guys are seen as weak.

Forget being nice. Be Interesting

Be interesting. Once you become an interesting person, people will assume your nice, even if you’re not, just because you’re interesting.

Don’t be nice. Be interesting.

Don’t be nice. No one cares about nice.

It’s better to be interesting and a bit of “jerk” than to be nice and considered boring.
 It’s okay to be nice, but don’t let people know you are nice. If they do, they are likey to take advantage of you.

Girls Hate Nice Guys
 Girls, especially, hate nice guys. A girl will tell you they “like” nice guys and they do — like him to help them move, fix their toilet, watch their cat while their away on a 3-day weekend trip with their bad boy boyfriend

Nice guys are overlooked. Interesting guys are looked over.

Don’t be nice. Be interesting.

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