Revealed: The Truth About What Girls and Women Want

It gets tiring to hear guys whine about women and then declare: “What do girls want?”

When I answer their question with my opinion, they usually don’t want to hear it. They would rather remain in a familiar flight pattern that leaves them unsuccessful with girls/women. On a subconscious level, they are not ready to be in a successful relationship.

Perhaps they feel they don’t deserve it. Or maybe they’re afraid of being in a successful relationship. Whatever the case, they remain stuck. And with all the terrific websites for understanding on the internet, they have no one to blame but themselves.

What Girls Want
I’m going to tell you what girls want. Because I know. Because I’m a genius.

What do girls want?

Girls want a feeling.

And because there are different ways to get that feeling, what-girls-want changes on a moment-to-moment basis. To further complicate things, girls tend to be emotional, moody creatures. Thus, their moods either amplify or muddle their true desires of the feeling they crave.

Girls want a feeling

Girls want a person, place, situation, or thing that will give them a feeling, because girls are chasing an emotion, one that they can elicit from that person, place, situation, or thing.

Invite and Lead
Girls don’t want to be asked what to do. Girls want to be invited into a situation. And to be led into that situation by an alpha male.

On the Dance Floor
Last night, I was at a dance club/performance venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I approached this pale faced beauty and asked her to dance.

“No, but thanks for asking.” She said. I smiled, pointed at her and said “see you on the dance floor”, turned and left.

I approached another girl, asked her to dance. “No,” she nodded her head in smug sympathy, then whispered to her friend who giggled.

I wasn’t offended by her attitude, but I was surprised how smug she was acting. Girl after girl that I asked to dance said no. One said yes.

So, I approached more girls, looked them directly in the eye, took their hand or offered my hand until they took and said “come on” and they asked “where?” and I answered “you’ll see”. All these girls came with me as I led them to the dance floor. We danced up a storm. Some of them I made out with.

While dancing with one of the girls, I saw the other girl, the girl-who-had-declined-my-offer-to-dance, watching me, watching us (me and this other girl) dance. She was standing next to this guy who was a non-stop talker “bla bla bla bla bla bla bla” and she looked antsy, swaying her hips as if she wanted to dance but she was stuck next to blabbermouth, the broken water fountain of boring information.

Girls Want to Be Led
None of these girls want to be asked. They all want to be invited, to be led, for their curiosity to be ignited by the potential of the uncertainty principle — that something exciting will happen that they can participate in. No one, especially girls and women, want to miss out on something or someone exciting. This is just one of the reasons why girls and women crave the bad boy, because of his unpredictability, his mysteriousness, his don’t-give-a-care attitude, that he puts himself, his dreams, his family, and others ahead of relationships. (No girl or woman wants to be the center of your world. They don’t want that responsibility and they will resent you for putting them in that position. This is why beta-males, simps, and manginas fail.)

What do Girls Want
Girls want a feeling.

Typically, younger girls want a feeling of excitement, adventure, curiousity, unpredictability.

What do Women Want
Typically, women (girls who have reached the age of their late-twenties) want those same feelings. But, they want additional feelings as well: feelings of safety, security, status.

Why the change?

Because women in their mid-to-late twenties or older are usually looking for a long-term relationship, someone to marry, have a child with, and they need a man who will protect them, their child, provide resources for them and their child, and to provide status, so they can show off their man to other women.

So, if you want to know what girls want, girls want a feeling.

If you give them that feeling, and if they attach that feeling to you, they will want you. It’s that simple. This simplicity, based on their emotions that whip back-and-forth, to-and-fro like a dancing balloon man at a car lot, is what drives them. And, if you fail to see it for what it is, you will let it drive you insane with frustration.

Focus on your Goal
Determine your goals. Become good at them. Move in that direction.

When you meet a girls or women that you like, invite them along for the ride. But understand this: What they want will constantly change. If you still continue to like this girl, then be that bedrock wall they can rely on, and understand that her emotions are a reflection of who she is — don’t take it personally.