“Can you teach me how to defend myself, perhaps show me some secret moves, some mental training that would help me in a situation…”

A. I have been asked this many many times by predominantly my female clients, and some male as well. As a professional fitness coach and a black belt, I have led seminars for colleges in the Jersey city, N.J area, and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And the answer is the same, no matter, where I am teaching.

“The best form of self defence is never allowing yourself to be in that situation”

I have been in many street fights in my younger years, and as well as competed in tournament/ring fighting for several years. And I would never get involved in a fight or take a fight knowing what I know now. Simply because fighting is based on several other factors first, like- Ego, Anger, Pride, Lack of emotional stability, and lack of conflict management skills.

The greatest if all self defence instructors teach simple and basic skills-

  1. Be aware at all times
  2. Plan and strategize your entry and exit to an event or a place.
  3. Tell your partner or a friend your arrival time at home.
  4. Learn to run!
  5. Learn to control your anger (if challenged by someone, which you can easily walk away from.
  6. Be wise and smart instead of meathead.

Knowing all these now self defence has changed from some sort of a sexy concept of (Scarlette Johansson in a cat suit from iron man taking out 6 men). Seriously?! Real self defence may not sound sexy but it may prevent a detrimental event in your life.

Ofcourse, there is a long, long shot of you needing to know how to get out of being backed up against a wall and we can teach you that, however, that means you haven’t been reading!

To see some videos of self defence go to-


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