Planning To Be An Owner Builder?

Are you planning to become an owner builder because you have always wanted to build your dream home on your own? Having complete control over your own build allows freedom of design and reduces the overall cost of construction. An owner builder is solely responsible for the construction work that takes place on his/her worksite.

Becoming an owner builder is an easy simple online course which can be completed at your own pace and time. Once qualified, an owner builder has to take on many principal responsibilities similar to a contractor. Below is some important information that should be considered prior to becoming an owner builder:

Who is an owner builder?
When you become an owner builder you take on all the responsibility for any building work carried out on your property. An owner builde5r qualification can cover all minor and major home additions everything from extending or renovating a home to constructing the entire building along with managing the sub-contractors to do work on your site.

You will be held responsible for handling everything including inspections, insurance and hiring tradesman. An owner builder is responsible for all financial responsibilities that are generally taken by the builder; hence you will be solely responsible if anything goes wrong.

Legal obligations
There are certain legal obligations an owner builder must adhere to. An aspiring owner builder must obtain a relevant owner builder permit from your council before you actually start your construction work. Along with this, an owner builder must get an owner builder certificate from the respective authority. An owner builder must engage a building surveyor who can do all the required inspection work and issue an occupancy permit on completion of home. Owner builder should also ensure that the work is done while adhering to building and safety regulations.

Financial obligations
When you are sure that you want to become an owner builder and after you receive the owner builder certificate NSW, another challenge you will face is obtaining finances. Money lenders in Australia are often reluctant to give money to owner builders, as owner builders are classified as high risk. Few banks also avoid giving money to owner builders or even if they agree, they put strict conditions like enough equity, guarantor and savings.

Doing the job
Before you start the work, you must devise a proper strategy and classify the job responsibilities. Make sure you make a realistic strategy, and be prepared to supervise all the work. You will need to hire people for specific tasks like plumbing and electrical wiring Before you hire the tradesmen you must check the certification or registration to know about their certification.

As an owner builder you will have an increased responsibility, the journey is going to be full of ups and downs. It’s up to you how you manage things, and how you sort out all the problems quickly and effectively.