This morning I had a meeting with an old friend of mine in Adabraka. On my way to my meeting, I passed by the Betway Ghana Concept store located off the Castle Road in Adabraka to see an old friend of mine who works for them. In a previous blog I did about #BetwayFriday in September last year I talked about how they are bringing online betting to the doorsteps of everyone with just a mobile money account. 12 months down the line I can confidently say that Betway is beginning to be the go-to avenue for online sports betting for most of the millennials in Ghana and I would give reasons below.

The new makeover of Betway Ghana Picture by: @Owula_kpakpo

In as much as sports betting has been in Ghana for some years now, Betway has seen to be my now preferred go-to place to stake my weekly bet instead of all the other companies doing same. Now I could comfortably sit in my house and place a bet anyhow I want with just a mobile phone or PC. Formerly I would have to walk to the betting centre each time I wanted to place a bet which was kind of an inconvenience for me considering my growing responsibility as a young working Ghanaian and other volunteer roles I engage in. I would always want to be on my computer or phone and place the bet on my favourite teams I support without any hustle whatsoever to me. And with all the years I have engaged in sports betting it is the opening of Betway in Ghana which has given me the convenience I have always wanted.

Indoors and Outdoors of Betways makeover. Picture by: @Owula_kpakpo

Back to being at the concept store this morning, I couldn’t wait in noticing the changes that have gone on since the last time I was there. The new colours stand out more from the previous ones, the Betway Concept Store is now a landmark in Adabraka. Also, I could mention a litany of events they have organised during the short period they have been in Ghana. Example’s being #BetwayFriday, #BetwayEasterGala which they organised in three locations Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi, #BetwayTalentSearch which was to find the next big thing in football in Ghana. Also, they have made donations to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital and other institutions as their way of giving back to the society. This goes to prove my earlier assertion that Betway Ghana is becoming the go-to place for millennials like myself who wants comfort and an easy way of doing things the #NewGhanaian.

#BetwayFriday last year
New inside look of Betway Ghana. Picture by: @Owula_kpakpo

We millennials are the Gen-Z creation like some people would put it. We want to be associated with the so-called “cool” organisations and I can confidently say that Betway Ghana is doing just that for my friends and I. Before you come talking about implications of sports betting and all note that it’s a sport for adults, 18 years and above who should know the implications of what they are getting into.

New look improved services with bold colours. Picture by: @Owula_kpakpo

It doesn’t hurt a fly if you want to put your money where your mouth leads. This weekend there is Man United vrs Everton, Chelsea vrs Arsenal and a host of others, register with and enjoy the endless opportunities they bring to you.

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NB: This is not a sponsored post just a happy customer who is proud of a service.