A Year in Oxford

From peaceful summer days before the start of term to post-exam celebrations, look back on a year in the life of the University captured by our grad students.

Cycling across Port Meadow on a summer evening | Photograph by Vedica Kant (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies)⠀


Being a member of one of our colleges is one of the distinctive and special features of student life at Oxford. (“You asked: What’s a graduate college?”)

Ahead of the new admissions cycle we took a summer tour of Oxford’s graduate-only colleges, including this stunning view of Green Templeton College by provided by Shawn Ellis.


A new admissions cycle and brand new grad students, starting life at Oxford with the University’s matriculation ceremony.


Oxford’s incredible gothic architecture has been the atmospheric setting for filming Hogwarts and other adventures into the fantastical — perfect for Halloween.


Winter sweeps in halfway through the first term but the city’s stoic cycling community persists through all seasons.


Spires dream under a blanket of snow as another year draws to a close.


A moment of winter morning peace on the High Street to open our busiest month of the year, kicking off with major admissions and funding deadlines.


Long nights at the end of the winter warmed by the glow of lights in Radcliffe Square.


Spring brings an explosion of color across the city — the flowering almond tree in front of the University Church has always been one of the earliest and most impressive heralds of the change in season.


A huge highlight in the Oxford year for us is announcing the winner of the Graduate Photography Competition around Easter.

This year brought a record number of entries and some spectacular and original shots of Oxford, like this autumn skyline from New College by Marie Wong.


The city comes alive for May Morning on the first of the month with dancing through the streets at dawn.


Sub fusc and carnations come out in force for exams and the city welcomes crowds of prospective students to the University’s Undergraduate Open Days.


“Only after you leave this enchanting city will you realise that, for you, this place will always be home.” (Francesco Morettini, “Oxford, in full colour”)

Goodbyes and garden parties at the end of the academic year, with graduating students departing for the next adventure or for home.

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