JAFAS statement preemptive, misleading — Arulogun

The Oyo State government has described statements credited to a group called Joint Action Forum of All Tertiary Institutions (JAFAS) as pre-emptive, stating that the government has not made policy pronouncements on some of the issues raised.

In a statement by the Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Toye Arulogun, the state government said that reduction in subventions to tertiary institutions in the state was discussed with the head of the institutions, stressing that, the government is still consulting with them to achieve a seamless education calendar run for tertiary institutions in the state.

Arulogun said that it was surprising that the so called group, JAFAS, condemned the report of the Education Reform Initiative Committee chaired by Prof. Adeniyi Gbadegesin when the government was still examining the report and has not made its content a policy yet.

“Rather than going to the pages of newspapers to express displeasure on some of government actions in the education sector, JAFAS should have sent a memorandum to the Education Reform Committee when it called for such, instead of misleading the public about the contents of the yet to be made public report,” the government spokesman stated.