How To Prevent Your WordPress Site From Crashing
Margaret Reffell

I really appreciate that you lead off by saying that you’re against cowboy coding. I appreciate it, and I hate it. :)

Years ago, WordPress was pitched as a commoners’ way of getting a good website up quickly; and with plugins, there were infinite possibilities for functionality and style.

Over the years it’s felt like the professional developers have taken WordPress over.

So. I hate your warning about cowboy coding because it means we’re no longer in the days of regular folks being able to responsibly pop up a website in a jiffy. But I appreciate your honesty about this. It’s taken me a while to realize that cowboy coding and non-professional webmastering create problems that can be expensive and complicated — not only can one mistake make problems. But years of small hacks can compound into a problem whose only solution is: burn this to the ground and start all over again.

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