15 Important Questions to Ask Before You Choose Childcare in Campsie

If you’re planning to return to your work but still worried about the care and safety of your child, baby care centre is what you should seek for. A childcare in Campsie can help you concentrate on your professional life without getting worried of your kid’s safety. However, it can be challenging to find quality day care that suits your needs, especially if you work in shifts.

childcare centre Campsie

I’ve compiled a list of important questions which will surely help you choose the most suitable long day care centre for your little one, so that you can return to your job. Here are some questions that you should ask while choosing an early education platform for your kid:-

Question #1: What are your priorities and what you want from a day care centre?

Question #2: When and for how many hours do you need day care service?

Question #3: Where should the centre be located? Whether it should be near to your work, home or your partner’s work?

Question #4: Do you want a regular baby care service or occasional?

Question #5: What are the services provided at day care? This will include all queries related to early education programs, meals provided, carer-to-child ratio and more.

Question #6: Does the facility have enough indoor and outdoor space to make children feel comfortable?

Question #7: Is it approved by any government authority? So that you can enjoy all the benefits related to child care and tax rebates.

Question #8: What is the teaching style and how they respond to each child?

Question #9: What is the education, training and experience of the caregivers or teachers? Do they follow a guidance and discipline policy?

Question #10: Does the staff at the centre have First Aid training?

Question #11: What is the mode of transportation and what is your preference?

Question #12: Is there any alternative if the caregiver is ill, or on holidays? Do they have sufficient staff?

Question #13: Do they communicate concerns with parents from time to time? And how the staff respond to the queries of parents?

Question #14: What is the fee structure and what are the inclusive and exclusives?

Question #15: What is the look and feel of the day care centre? Are the classrooms clean? Are the washrooms hygienic? Is there proper ventilation?

These all concerns will help you cover almost every aspect related to a long day care platform.

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