Eyes From Line #9 — Monday

So the second Presidential debate took place this past weekend. And I look around at my fellow passengers and I wonder if anyone watched it? Does anyone even care at this point? Two multi-millionaires trying to convince us that they give a rats’ ass about us. Or maybe not. I think Clinton has finally given up on the whole ‘hey I can relate to your issues! I really can!!’ nonsense — of course the whole ‘I’m out of touch’ notice from her paid speeches hasn’t helped her repeated attempts to pander — er.. nah, pandering is the best description. Trump, at least, doesn’t try something so ludicrous as photo-ops on municipal busses.

The weather has begun its’ yearly cooling cycle- I hope to see crisp autumn mornings in the near future. At least give me *something to look forward to, as we lurch toward November….

And the Line #9 continues on.

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