Eyes From Line #9 — Wednesday

“Tired of potholes? There’s an app for that.” The mini-billboard caught my attention today. God, yes I’m tired of Houston’s potholes.

When I moved to this, one of the largest cities in America, I really couldn’t believe how *bad* the roads were. Westheimer through the ‘gayborhood’ of Montrose has been so bad in spots that you’re better off avoiding that road entirely… unless losing an axle in mid-traffic is A-OK to you.

What’s interesting about these REALLY BAD SPOTS is that you can see literally *years* of asphalt packed on itself in layers… one ‘band-aid’ after another after another… but because the city couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tear the roadway out entirely and repave it, the end result is a section of road that can literally give you whiplash driving over it. Tearing out the road and starting over would be a major short-term inconvenience, to be sure but surely that’s preferable to decades of one ineffectual band-aid after another? As long as the degradation is gradual, are we really okay with that?

Bernie Sanders was like a proposal to rip out that near-impassible road, and repave it with Solar Freakin’ Roadway solar tile. Yeah it would be an inconvenience in the short-term but the long-term benefits would be enormous. But he got shut down and shoved out of the way of Hillary ‘status quo is the way to go’ Clinton… with the promise of yet more band-aids, yet more slow disintegration. And now she’s *barely* winning to Drumpf… who wants to tear out that road with illegals making slave wages and build a wall with it.