It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

If your candidate was *so* vulnerable that barely 1% of the electorate voting for Jill Stein (and 2% voting for Gary Johnson) kept her from being President… then she had NO business running. And polling from *January* showed that simple truth. Utilizing fearmongering and arm-twisting to get people to vote for your candidate — well, we used to think that was a *bad*thing, right? Or have the tactics of Tammany Hall and other political machines now been vindicated?

Oh that’s right — it’s only bad when *Republicans* do it.

I used to think that the tears of neoconservatives were delicious, but they pale in comparison to the screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth from ‘liberals’ as they flail about looking for *someone* to blame… other than the utter un-electability of their candidate, of course.

Apologize? I’ll *happily* tell Obama to his face that I voted Green. I’ll *happily* tell Obama that it was Hillary’s responsibility to earn my vote — and she failed. Utterly. And I’ll *happily* tell Obama that Donald Trump is the *worst* Republican candidate in the past 50 years… and Hillary Clinton LOST. TO. HIM.

Let me repeat that, because it’s simply too delicious not to — Donald Trump is a misognyst, bigoted, homophobic, incompetent boob of a Republican… and Hillary Clinton LOST. TO. HIM.

Ahh, delicious irony considering we Bernie folk were *desperately* telling everyone that Clinton was the worst candidate. Not our fault you propped up the ONLY candidate that could lose to Donald Trump. Ahh, delicious.

But by all means — continue your screaming, wailing and desperate blame-game. Your hysterical tears are sweet nectar.

Donald Trump is the worst Republican candidate in the past 50 years. Hillary Clinton LOST. TO. HIM.

Ahhh, once again… delicious.