The Craft of Setting a Formal Dinner Table

If you are inviting your honey on a date, you must know if the place has a formal dinner setup or not. A formal dinner table has a lot more than a casual dinner table and if it’s your first date, you must be very particular about it. If you have wondered how to set a formal dinner table, you will have an idea with just a glance. If you need to know more about it, read further below, a three step guide:

1. Firstly the basics:

A formal dinner table of any restaurant or café in Dubai must consists of all basic utilities like a dinner plate, a set of three glasses, cutlery, a coffee cup with a saucer and a napkin. Dinner plate has to be placed on a napkin right in the center of the chair. A set of glasses must be kept in order-a drinking glass has to be on the right side of the plate at a distance, a white wine glass has to be placed closest to the plate and the one placed in the center front of the plate is a red wine glass. With your honey, you’ll surely want to toast-make sure your selected venue has things in order. A coffee cup and a saucer sit right to the red wine glass in the middle.

2. A difference between a napkin and a place mat:

Placemat is a piece of cloth or a bamboo mat to be placed under the plate whereas a napkin has to be there on the table for you to wipe your hands while eating. Sometimes a napkin is placed in the red wine glass or sometimes it is kept rolled on the side plate and mostly it is placed rolled in the center on a dinner plate. Americans set their dinner table a little differently whereas apart from the differences, a formal dinner table has to have both, a place mat and a napkin.

3. The foremost, the silverware cutlery:

A formal dinner table has a lot of cutlery, a set of forks, knifes and the spoons. Forks ranging in different sizes for salad, cocktail, dinner and fish forks are supposed to be there without any alterations. Above the plate goes the dessert fork along with the dinner fork. At the right side of the dinner plate, a dinner knife is placed, horizontally to the upper corner of the plate along with a butter knife. Soup spoons are to be placed along with just a little distance. Near to the coffee cup and its saucer must lay teaspoons.

The above-mentioned three important elements are to be checked before you call upon your honey for a formal dinner. Restaurants having this setting show that they adhere to hospitality norms and carry the sense of grace. There are a lot of the best restaurants in Dubai, that are charging in folds but still lack in delivering some of the utmost needs of dine-out experiences. Even if you go for best breakfasts in Dubai, you must check upon the services, a restaurant is providing. Restaurants without having above the line customer services, ambiance and utilities, it’s just a normal place to sit and chill, but rarely for any first time daters. Check before inviting to let the surprise be a blast!

Read this article to know how to set up a formal dinner table. Read further that you can stir in a magic with just a little tweak in your dinner table set up. Stir up romance and enjoy!

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