VS for Mac or VS Code?

Microsoft launched the preview Visual Studio for Mac at Connect(); in November 2016. This VS for Mac is the macOS counterpart of the Windows version of Visual Studio.

When you look at the native Mac interface, you can think that it is a completely new product. On the other hand both versions use Roslyn Compiler Platform for Intellisense, MS Build for build engine, same debugging and designer infrastructure for Xamarin.

This is the second VS that we can use on Mac. VS Code is a free, cross platform, super fast and lightweight code editor that was launched on April 2015.

It was based on Electron framework, which is used to build cross platform desktop application using web technologies.

For a while it was used by those people on a Mac who deal with client-side technologies (HTML/JS/CSS).

I use it for a while for Javascript frameworks like Angular and Aurelia.

So, the question is, which product is better for people on a Mac?

I made a quick research and I summarized suggestions for following developer set :

- Frontend Developers : If you have a single web project in a folder, go with VS Code. It is a glorious text editor through it’s extensive plugin system, it supports hundreds of languages.

- Xamarin Developers : Vs for Mac is definetely for you. It has mature support for C#-based iOS, Android and Mac development with the Xamarin Platform. You can take advantage of your existing C# experience and libraries, and share common code across platforms, with full access to the native APIs so you can build a fast, polished native app experience.

.Net Core Backend Developers : VS for Mac support for the latest ASP.NET Core Web development platform. This is the IDE that we are waiting for. Yes still it is not powerful as VS 2017 for Windows, but it is still preview. If you use Mac, write C#, use .Net Core, this IDE is for you.

- Unity Developers : If you use MonoDevelop or Xamarin Studio, It is better to try new Vs for Mac. Microsoft will definitely invest in this product. But be careful, it is still preview.

I hope that VS for Mac, can kill Windows as the second OS on my MacBook Pro that I need it for VS 2017 as .Net Development Environment IDE.

So, I will give a try…

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