“This is the story of the Italian venture capital. And this is why it has not taken off yet.” P101 interviews Elserino Piol — P101“We choose to inaugurate the new course of our website and of this blog with an interview to Elserino Mario Piol. Those who deal with innovation or venture capital have surely heard about him: Piol is without a doubt the first Italian venture capitalist and is, above all, one of the great Italian innovators. To talk about him is no nostalgic operation: we look to the future and to the developments that our industry, we hope, will have, as venture capital is finally getting the attention it deserves in Italy for its key role of propulsion of tomorrow’s economy. We look to the future, but we have not forgotten that in the 1970s, in this country that today seems suspended in its granite beauty, there was a buzz from which the innovation miracle of Olivetti was born — the first portable computer ever created in Italy, to which Piol is strongly connected. That computer was named P101: our name is openly inspired by that world, with which we share a creative mindset and spirit: we want to participate and actively contribute to a transformation of production and society, which needs technology and digitization, two things that deeply involve us. Not follow this wind of change is the same as choosing to suffocate.

There is finally another reason, more personal, that connects us to Piol: our path began under his protective wing and we have learned all that we know as a venture capitalists from him. In fact, in a way we feel like we are his material as well as spiritual heirs, and we hope that with our daily activity we will be able to continue his pioneering work, shaping it around the same ethical values and aspiring to have at least a blur of his foresight.”

Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner of P101

Forefather of the Internet, hi-tech guru, pioneer of…

The amount of data and their importance to business is growing constantly. There follows the need to study, classify, and especially use them in the right away. To this end, advanced analyitics are gaining significant space and role: they are the autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, in order to discover deeper insights and make useful predictions for business development.

Whereas traditional tools concentrate on historical data, advanced analytics focus on current and real-time information to predict future events and trends. Predictive analysis is therefore a sub-category of advanced analytics — and a…

Forget Silicon Valley: Europe is more and more often in the spotlight when it comes to start-ups. The latest news is that Facebook, along with the businessman Xavier Niel, will open the world’s largest company incubator in Paris. It will be called Station F and will host a thousand start-ups, as well as a special space with about 80 workstations for 10–15 independent start-ups specialized in data economy.

The fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s team has chosen Paris and not London or Berlin for this important new project should not come as a surprise: in 2016, France was the third European…

Big data, a whole new life for companies (if they learn how to use them) |

The transformational potential of big data is huge. The volume of data continues to double every three years as information pours in from digital platforms, wireless sensors, virtual-reality applications, and billions of mobile phones. Data-storage capacity has increased, while its cost has plummeted. In Italy alone, the market for big data reached a value of 183 million Euros in 2016, that is a 44% growth over the previous year.

Data scientists now have unprecedented computing power at their disposal, and they are devising algorithms…

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality: are they really the future?

According to TechCrunch experts, by the year 2018 our smartphones will be able to support virtual reality and augmented reality. This is despite a fluctuating market, that last year had to face some difficulties — especially in the field of virtual reality (VR). In fact, VR reached a total revenue of $2.7 billion at the end of the year, but was expected to hit $3.8 billion. Augmented reality (AR) had a better performance, mainly thanks to the success of Pokémon Go, reaching an unexpected $1.2 billion revenue against the expected…

A year of surprises for logistics

18 January 2017

In the past the world of last-mile delivery, that is the last part of the delivery route of items that are shopped online, had to adapt to the needs of couriers, but is now experiencing a momentous focal shift: today, the centre of everything are customers and their needs.

This is a spontaneous and necessary change, since last-mile delivery ends its run exactly at the client’s door. According to all the latest studies, a failure in delivery is seen by the end user not so much as a mistake by the…

Board metamorphosis in High-Tech companies

11 January 2017

Starting up a company is really hard work: it can be an on-off game where a single mistake can compromise everything. But what happens when a company grows moving away from the “start-up” phase and going into the “scale-up” territory? It is highly probable that what you’ve relied on until that point won’t work as well anymore: surely the company requires more structure and processes, making it harder to remain agile and innovative. This is particularly the case in the digital age when companies can scale up so quickly that it is…

Italy’s online habits confronted with the rest of the world

There are 30.5 million Italian people connected, that correspond to 78% of the Italian population aged between 16 and 65. The number of mobile users, in particular, is growing fast. These and more data are collected in the European Digital Behaviour Study 2016 (EDBS16), the annual survey by Contactlab researching the online performance of the European and non-European population. The study measures user connectivity and compares countries thanks to its Digital Interactivity Index. For example, even if the number of people using the Internet in Italy has grown this year…

Time for evaluation: 2016 according to entrepreneurs

7 December 2016

More investment opportunities, more exits, more funds dedicated to technology, more hubs. This is the picture that emerges from two reports that have been published a few days ago and offer a panoramic of the US and UK start-up markets, respectively: State of Startups 2016 by the US venture capital firm First Round and The State of European Tech 2016 by the British Atomico Ventures.

For the second consecutive year, First Round has published its research into the sentiment of entrepreneurs, interviewing more than 700 start-up founders and CEOs to…

How much innovation is there in the Italian retail industry?

Not much, but rapidly growing — according to the Observatory for Digital Innovation in Retail, promoted by the Politecnico School of Management in Milan.

If the absolute numbers of the Italian retail industry’s investment in technology are small — only 1% of turnover is dedicated to innovation — its growth is considered interesting — from 15% of total annual investment in 2015 to 17% in 2016. And although 65% of the top Italian retailers (i.e. …


P101 is an Italian Venture Capital firm mainly focused on digital media and technology. P101 stands for Programma 101, the first PC ever made.

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