I agree! Asking the users to shut down their ad blocker instead of hiding data collection is kind.
Nikita Savchenko

Again, thank you for posting the thorough walkthough on how to subvert visitors attempts to prevent tracking. It is, as I mentioned at the start, a phenomenal resource for thinking outside the box to counter such tactics for those who value their right to privacy. One line of JavaScript added to TamperMonkey is all it takes to stop your tactic.

const ga = () => console.log("no you can’t have my data");

It would require a bit more code to catch the attempt if you changed the variable to something else, but not that much.

No matter how much you want to believe otherwise, my right to privacy is greater than your right to invade my privacy. Especially in cases where you know I have denied your request for information and you try to sneak around my settings to get the data anyway.

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