Poll: What guide do you want to see?

Now that my guides are on GitHub, I’m pretty inspired to expand on them — both in ways to make the existing guides more useful, and with the creation of new guides. I’ve been getting some great ideas from people posting to an issue I created for it but I would really like to invite everyone to participate.

And so, I created a poll!

You can vote here.

Please vote on which new guides (or features in old guides) you’d most like to see. Having your input will help me ensure I focus my time on guides and features that are of most use … to you.

At the top of my mind right now are a few “mini-guides” which could be added in as an extra tier to an existing guide:

  • DevOps
  • Testing Web Applications
  • Mastering Linux

But, I’m also pretty excited (motivated) to put together a guide that would lay a strong foundation with Python as I think that it could springboard into a variety of other areas. Python is quite versatile and the Python guide could end up as pre-work for data science or machine learning guides in the future. But, I digress.

What would YOU like to see?

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