9 Critical Social Media Sales Tactics You Need to Start Implementing ASAP! [#Infographic]

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You know what’s really surprising? The huge growth in the number of B2B purchasers and decision makers who now place social media at the center purchasing processes! For example:

  • 91% of B2B buyers are now active and involved in social media
  • 84% of senior executives use social media to support purchase decisions
  • 75% of B2B buyers are significantly influenced by social media

The importance of choosing the social media platforms used by more of your ideal customers (people with strong purchase intent for your products and services right now) is great advice, and so is strategically following them and proactively engaging them.

All seven of these points are important. But there are two super high-value social media selling tactics that are not mentioned here and one that’s under emphasised. These include:

1. Continuous Content Creation and High Frequency Blog Posting:

What’s one of the most powerful organic SEO strategies still left after all of Google’s radical algorithm updates for drastically, and I mean drastically, increasing your blog traffic and business blogging ROI?

It’s is to post fresh, value-generating blog content daily! This can’t be underestimated!

Let’s jump right into the recent stats to give you a clear picture of what I mean:

· Digital marketers who placed great emphasis on business blogging experienced a breathtaking 1300% increase in the likelihood of ROI!

· Digital marketers who published 16 or more new blog posts per month generated 450% more business leads compared to those who posted the usual 0–4 blog posts per month.

· Companies who integrated both blogging and email marketing enjoyed 200% more blog traffic compared to those who didn’t do both!

Not only that but:

· Business websites that had between 51 and 100 pages got almost 2X greater traffic compared to those with only 1 to 50 pages on their site.

· Business websites with 101 to 200 pages got 250% more leads.

· Business websites with more than 200 pages got on average 500% more trafficthan smaller newer sites (i.e. with 10 pages or less).

· Business with 1,000 or more pages reported 950% more traffic than companies with under 50 pages.

2. If Content is King Video Now Rules the Whole Social Media Empire:

The latest studies and stats are clearly showing that video can actually increase your content marketing ROI by almost 200%. Take a look:

· 51.9 percent of global marketing experts say video is the highest-ROI form of content!

· Consumers who see video content are 181 percent more likely to buy compared to those who didn’t.

· Halfway into 2015 video views on mobile devices exceeded 44 percent, a spike of 74 percent compared to 2014 and an incredible 844% since 2012!

· According to Syndacast.com 74% of all INTERNET traffic in 2017 Is actually predicted to be video!

I recently more than doubled the engagement on my popular “top 36 employee recognition ideas” LinkedIn Pulse post, by updating it with some fun yet informative short tips and stats videos!

And that’s a post I published in 2015!

Here’s a fun short animated explainer video I made to give you more of a sense of the latests tips and tactics used by today’s leading video marketing experts!

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