How to Quickly Assess and Develop Your Leadership IQ! [#Infographic]

I remember spending hours trying to find great Leadership Infographics a couple of years back and I couldn’t find anything of any real quality.

This Leadership Styles infographic is incredible! It would have saved me months of research when I was doing Master’s in Organization Development.

Not only does this infographic clearly explain the the core “leadership styles” rooted in the work of some of leadership development’s founding pioneers Lewin, Lippitt and White, but builds on those key insights based on Daniel Goleman’s extraordinary powerful model of the emotionally intelligent leader !

Be careful not to skip the first half of the infographic because it’s actually a powerful visual leadership assessment tool that let’s quickly map out and and identify your own basic leadership style.

Explore the extent to which your style of leadership is the right match for the organizational context you’re working and leading in.

You may want to integrate and develop some of the other leadership style behaviors with the goal of seamlessly transitioning between them based on the needs of your team.

Now check out the infographic! I found it via via Laura Forer at, and the original source is

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