The Top 10 Ways to Become a High Performance Team Leader! [#Infographic]

Question: What are the core set of skills that enable truly high performance team leadership— the kind of high ROI leadership that that drives sustained discretionary effort (going that extra mile) and optimal employee wellbeing?

Answer: Team Leadership Soft-skills: Arguably the most high-value skills in the leadership development tool chest!

I love this infographic! The latest research is teaching us that many of The Top Leadership Styles actually break down into specific high-value leadership behaviors! These, in turn create human-value far beyond the workplace! And it works both ways:

For example:

Do You know what’s really fascinating?

According to the latest research the number one team leadership soft skill is none other than: “Positivity.”

High performance team leaders actually say 6 positive things for every 1 negative thing they say.

And it turns out that that’s very close to the same ratio that so many “high performance marriages (marriages that last the longest in one of the most popular couples’ communication studies of all time)” display in their communication!

It’s no wonder that a reported 97% of the world’s top performing CEOs are actually… you guessed it: married!

I think I’ve discovered a revolutionary new recruiting-for-optimal -leadership hack: hire the happily-married to really build your company culture!

“Positivity” also explains why high recognition leadership is now a truly disruptive leadership best practice: with a 6X ROI for the leading companies who implement it!

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