The Top 76 #SEO Google Ranking Factors for Serious Business Blogging! [#Infographic]

Great “SEO sign”. Photo by Tumisu.

Strong SEO will continue to be as important as effective organic social promotion well into 2018 and beyond.

But more than just a handful of real SEO basics are critical— If you’re building a serious blog or website in a highly competitive niche.

As I mention in my recent free Mega Post: “Your Ultimate Guide to High-ROI Business Bogging” making sure that your blog is mobile-friendly is absolutely critical.

Why? Because mobile search volume on Google recently surpassed searches from PCs!

Google now awards “mobile-friendly” status to blogs and websites — and that can significantly increase your ranking not to mention your ROI!

There’s only one high-value tip I’d add to this amazing SEO checklist from SEO Jedi’s at

And that’s the incredible value of high-frequency-blog-posting as arguably the most powerful and truly organic SEO for Google strategy still available to bloggers!