Top 5 Tips for Writing High-ROI Email Marketing Copy! [#Infographic]

Image Courtesy of Bill Rice

Ok so know that you know that bloggers who amplify their content through effective email marketing are getting 200% more target traffic!

But on top of great blog copy you also need to be writing highly effective email marketing content.

And that’s exactly what this sweet infographic covers!

Key Takeaways:

1. Seventy two percent of people in the US prefer email communication when interacting with companies!

2. Offering directly reader-relevant content that emphasizes what’s in it for them can 18X your revenue!

3. Just like with great blog content, you need to write email marketing copy in in the second person and highly scannable.

4. Unlike great blogs, top performing email copy has short, straight to the point headlines.

5. 69% of email recipients spam-trash emails directly based on subject lines!

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