Top 5 Ways to Woo Millennial B2B Buyers [#Infographic]

Millennials are quickly rising through the management and leadership ranks of the world’s most profitable and innovative companies.

According to this fantastic new infographic from

· The latest research says 73% of Millennials are now helping to shape key B2B purchasing decisions.

· By 2025, millennials are going make up almost half of the US workforce.

So what’s the real key to unlocking the incredible ROI of connecting and engaging with B2B millennial buyers?

First, you need to understand the basic psychology driving the millennial mindset.

For example, the core values that fuel millennial purchasing intent and their actual buying behavior include:

1. A hunger for authenticity

2. A need for transparency

3. Informal influence

4. Consensus based decision making

5. Corporate social responsibility

83% of millennials connect through social networking platforms like Facebook Instagram and Snapchat. With 23% spending more than three hours per day on social, highly effective social media marketing is a critical success factor.

Millennials want B2B sales reps who inspire a deep sense of “trust, compatibility and connectedness” compared to the 50+ers who want to get right down to the bottom line “business benefits and deliverables.”

When it comes to digital, millennials love and trust free trial accounts and product demos. A highly efficient user interface is also critical when it comes website and product design.

What specific action-steps are you going to take today to better align your digital marketing strategy with the psychology of B2B millennial buying behavior?

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