Why am I here?

It seems like an easy question to answer. I’m not talking about the larger theological question of “The Life, the universe and everything” but more here, on Medium. I spent a good 20–30 minutes debating with myself whether this is something I should do, or even want to do, and the conclusion…. Well, here I am.

I’m now in my 40’s. I was using computers and coding back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. I’ve seen how people have adopted and used computers for functional reasons and now observe the “youth of today” and how they utilise it and quite frankly, I do feel like I’m missing something. Using things like Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and the likes, everything seems to move quickly. Everyone tries to use as little effort as possible. Conversations are getting shorter and personal interaction is becoming less. I have views and opinions like the rest of the world, but I feel mine need more space, more time, more thought to be expressed. Maybe it’s a sign of getting older? Maybe it’s similar to fashion, where cycles happen and something like Medium does take off as proclaimed in a recent press article I read on the BBC website, as people want to read more, digest more information, have competent debates and conversations.

So yes, that’s why I’m here. My lofty plan is to post a conversation/article every week if I can. It will cover all sorts of topics, from my love of gaming through to my frustrations at politics. From life at work to vague thoughts about society.

Hopefully people will find the articles interesting and engaging (obviously not all) but if not, feel free to comment and debate but I will warn everyone now, I am not a journalist, editor or English major. I am just an average guy in the UK who fancies talking about stuff.

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